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Tie made out of wood? December 24, 2008

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Ties out of wood

Ties out of wood

Have you heard of such a thing of a tie made out of wood? Each year at my husband’s annual Christmas party out in Vancouver, there is a fellow that makes his own ties out of wood.  Each year, he doesn’t fail to wear one of his new creations, and we all ask to see it! This year, he is retiring, and out of the kindness of his heart, he created a tie for each fellow that he worked with, over a dozen ties, that took about 2 years to make! 

Wood tie is cut in pieces

Wood tie is cut in pieces

Each piece of wood is carved, and stained, drilled, has an elastic cord through each piece, as he cuts the wood horizonal.  It’s not just one hunk of wood, but each piece fits together nicely.  Somehow,  he was able to get the tie into each of their boxes, it was like a magic trick!

Tie in the box

Tie in the box


2 Responses to “Tie made out of wood?”

  1. Jacqueline Says:

    Is that ever cool. Did Mike get one?

  2. Yes, he did. He’ll have to show it off some time!

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