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It’s in the Details December 23, 2008

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On Vacation in Maui, I wander into one of the  Hawaii’s finest  jewelry stores known as Na Hoku

I enjoyed looking at the details of this bracelet, athough, I have only seen it in 14K white gold. 
Na Hoku's Sea Life Bracelet

Na Hoku's Sea Life Bracelet

Isn’t it amazing to see each of the sea life creatures, and that these could all fit on your wrist!   What I love about this bracelet…is the clasp! Can you find it?  The clasp is the clam shell.  The price is $1499 US. 
In 2009, I’m going to focus on clasp details in my bracelets, I have seen a few kinds that I really like, and hopefully, I can keep it affordable for all to enjoy!

2 Responses to “It’s in the Details”

  1. Jacqueline Says:

    That is a really really cool bracelet. I’m learning so much about jewellery from your blog. Thanks.

    • It is a really neat bracelet, to see all the details. I forgot to ask if one of the fish on the bracelet was the Hawaii’s state fish known as ” Humuhumu-nukunuku-apua’a” try saying that fast 3 times!! I enjoy reading and experimenting with techinques, thanks for being my attentive audience!

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