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Teufel Rings December 22, 2008

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Considering on I am on the ring topic, and that I recently came back from Maui.  I thought I share something else , I saw in a jewelry store that I visited while I was there.  The Teufel brand of rings, who claim they are the original designers of the spinning ring since 1971.  Now, the family owned company is on their 2nd generation of ownership, and produced in California.  It is quite something to see under the glass case.   The rings are displayed in a way that they are tilted, and are constantly spinning.  It’s an optical illusion to the eye, that especially if viewing ones that have “Rings” it doesn’t even look like they are attached.  There are stainless steel ball bearings, that rotate, and create the illusion. Interesting, and I’m sure it makes quite a conversational piece!

Teufel Spinning Ring

Teufel Spinning Ring


5 Responses to “Teufel Rings”

  1. I came across your blog because I am looking to purchase another Teufel “Spinner” Ring in the very near future. I own 2 of them, a single circle of diamonds and a double circle of sapphires and diamonds. I too, first saw it in Maui but could not justify the cost. I could not get the ring out of my mind so 3 months later I purchased my 1st one in the Outer Banks at Diamonds N’Dunes (Summer 2004). They special ordered it for me and it was waiting for me when I came to their store. The second ring I bought at the Clock Shoppe in the Mirage in Las Vegas (March 2007). I get so many compliments when I wear it (which is every day). I would recommend for anyone to buy a Teufel. Enjoy the Day!

  2. Sara Says:

    I love, love, love my Teufel rings…well, now only 1 ring. I lost my favorite one, which was the double circle like your post picture. After almost a year, I still look for it 😦 Although, I think a worker I had in my home possibly stole it from my bathroom. Anyway, my husband bought mine in New Orleans from the old Rubenstein’s, and I would get so-o-o many compliments on them. My other Teufel is a triple tier gold only ring. I find the tiers a bit big for my small hands, but since it is my only Teufel now, I wear it anyway 🙂 Have you ever seen their bracelets? Whoa! Talk about cool!

    • Thanks Sara, for stopping by! Sorry to hear of your lost favourite ring! If someone does have it, hopefully they are guilt ridden! I can see why you would want to try to find it! Do you have the oval triple tier, it is quite nice!! I saw a triple tier, which I think either was 3 golds, or had silver, I can’t quite remember but it was in the shape of a pyramaid, that was very interesting, too!
      Do you know your ring size?
      I have never seen their bracelets, now I better search that out, too! Thanks for stopping by, and come back often, as I like to give free giveaways on different products of mine. Thanks, Christina

  3. Mintra Says:

    I am looking for spinning ring. I used to have one. I like it so much. It looked the same as the picture above. However, my was double hearts spinning and the center was heart not diamond. I am searching on the website, if I could find one that I like, then I would buy it. Well, I like the above one but I could not find the price and order cart. Please advice where I can shop for.

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