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“Chocolate Diamonds” Le Vian December 21, 2008

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During one of my recent “mystery shopping”  experiences. I was introduced to something new and intriguing at a Jewelry store.   I do mystery shopping from time to time, I like being an active participant… I am helping the client improve their businesses, plus it gives me added insight for my own.


Why is it that I have a taste for expensive items, but thank goodness, I’m not a big spender!!  I was introduced to Le Vian , … a chocolate diamonds and rose colour gold ring !  OOHHHHHH LALA!!  It only cost just over   $10,000.

Le Vian is a company that has created the jewelry for Mrs America and even Mrs. World, and  the ruby and diamond tiara for the Fiesta Bowl Queen.   The family name dates back to Persia, with ancestory lines from the “Levi” tribe, of ancient Israel.  Amazing pictures  that date through the centuries show even a turquoise elephant.  I would love to read more about the one of a kind children’s design contest that was offered this past summer, and to hear of the winner!  

Chocolate diamonds is a trademark of the Le Vian brand since the year 2000.  Diamonds do come in other colours, such as brown, but they weren’t as valued as much, as diamonds were traditionally valued on their cut, clarity, and the colour (clear or colourless) or in a rare colour such as pink or blue.   Le Vian, have selected the rich dark chocolate diamonds for their marketing purposes.   Those that are rich and famous, have come to know that Le Vian is the a producer of  a high quality “Chocolate diamonds”.    Which kind of chocolate do you prefer? White (Colourless diamonds)  or Dark (chocolate diamonds)?

Even the 2 Million Tanzanite shoe, really doesn’t do it for me…there isn’t any Australian opal on it!


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