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Finding my ring in Maui December 19, 2008

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tanzanite and australian opal ring

tanzanite and australian opal ring

All those that know me well, know I don’t hardly wear any jewelry, it’s a bit of an oxymoron, to be a jewelry artist, but not wear it.  My ears are sensitive, and closed up most of the time, that I have given up wearing earrings long ago.   I do wear my favourite pieces which are rings and belt buckles, and on fancy occassions I will wear a favourite piece I have made, at a Christmas party, but by the end of the night, it’s usually sold and on someone else! …my husband, claims, I have to stop embarassing him like that!

 In Maui, I was determined that if I did come across my favourite ring, that I found in St. Thomas, almost 10 years ago, that I would for sure buy it!  I dragged my husband to all the jewelry shops in St. Thomas, and haggled, but didn’t buy anything.   Now, I was determine, if I actually did come across something, I wasn’t holding back, as it’s nearly impossible to find back at home.  I also didn’t want to drag him through this experience all over again, but my kind friend tagged along to some of the stores I went to in Maui.

I indeed did find many.  This favourite ring is a tanzanite with an australian opal (or black opal).  I saw many of these rings in gold, but when I first saw this combination it was in silver, and that is how I liked it.   My critica was that it had to be inlayed opal, bezel for the tanzanite, and in silver, which is really white gold, and symmetrical.  I’ve learn that about myself, that I like symmetrical patterns, then I don’t feel pressured that my ring is supposed to be worn one way over another.   Most sterling silver rings, like this is imitation.  I like it that way, too, it didn’t have to be real, but just meet my expectations.    

I found the ring, that meet my critica and amazing it was the right size, plus, it also had some diamonds in it, (I didn’t really need those, but it was a nice addition).  The best part, was the price 60% off, and tax included! Whoa! Huge price difference, and it’s the real deal, and my husband was there….my friend was at a different store, and so I made the purchase without her opinion, and it wasn’t an impulse buy, as I had been waiting for so long (even if the store was about to close!!)

 I promised, that I wouldn’t need to go into another jewelry store again to look at anything, I kept my bargain, that I won’t drag anyone with me, but when no one is looking…I check the designs out on my own!   But…really I have no desire to buy anything else…………… of yet….

Tanzanite is only found in Merelani Hills of North Tanzania.  It is a blue/purple colour of the mineral zoisite.  The stone is heated up to 6OO C, to create the colour and has a great ability to change the colours, because of the way the light reflacts.   There was some concern with this gemstone that is used to gain money illegally.  Tanzanian officials have worked hard to remove any illegal miners, try to track movement of where these crystals go.

Australian Opal, originates from Australia, where produces 97% of the world’s opal! Whoa, that is a lot of opal!!  It is known as a mineraloid gel, and can be found in limonite, sandstone, rhyolite and basalt.    A variety of colours can be found, but red against black  are the rarest, as white and green are the most common!  I  like  black opal, which is one  of the rarest and consider valuable in shades of deep blue  to green, and found in solid pieces.


4 Responses to “Finding my ring in Maui”

  1. hopeinpeanutbutterandoats Says:

    holy wow i LOOOVE your jewelry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a huge jewelry person I am going to have to further explore your site then 🙂
    I started riding when I was 8 and it was definitely a great thing to get in to at my age. It was different from what other people were doing and it taught me A LOT of responsibility and lessons with being caring and willing to learn. I would keep bringing your daughter in to exposure with horses because they are INCREDIBLE animals. It took me probably a year to get the basics down and get a thicker skin with the whole thing and then I started to show and get in to the competitive part. I love riding for fun and going to shows. It’s a sport you can carry with you for your whole life and I have no regrets about starting it up when I was that young! Hope I helped…if you have anymore questions don’t be shy!

    • Hi Kath, Thanks for the reply! Did you see my jewelry through my blog, or through my website at Once January hits, I’ll get back into free contests each month, and I love to take compliments anytime! Thanks for the advice on the horses, it sounds like a great sport to get in to, that can carry you throughout life! Did you ever own your own horse? Christina

  2. Jacqueline Says:

    I think that ring is absolutely stunning.

  3. Thanks, Do you have a favourite?

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