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Turquoise: one of the birthstones of December December 18, 2008

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Turquoise and Kyanite

Turquoise and Kyanite

Can you spot the turqouise in this buckle?  There are 5 pieces in total!  The 3 donuts are turquoise, as also the 2 bright blue ones, which are called “Chalk Turquoise”.  Turquoise is one of the two birthstones for December, the best turquoise is a clear sky blue and Native Americans sometimes describe turquoise as “a piece of sky in your hands”. Although a favorite component of Native American jewelry and found throughout the Americas, the first turquoise dates back to ancient Egypt and Persia at 3,000 BC.   Also in this buckle, is green kyanite, fresh water pearls, agate, blue tiger eye, wood, swarovski pearls and crystals, buri root, seed beads.  I can’t wait to share more timbits, of what I have learned!!  Stay tuned!


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