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Out to Vancouver on my way to Maui December 18, 2008

Filed under: What I am up to! — precioussadies @ 9:37 pm

On my way out to Maui, I was in Vancouver for a day.   I went out there for an annual Christmas Party for my husband’s employees.  We were staying at the Granville Hotel.  I went window shopping and met with several people in the Granville Market,  one of them was at the Gallery Indigena and saw how many handcrafted CANADIAN made products they had, and recognized the Calgary crafter, “Opalescence”, as I participate in a show with them several years prior.  I met with the store owner and another gal, Nicole and showed them the buckle that I was wearing.   They both liked them, and said they be interested in having them on consignment, and when I got home, to send them out, asap as their busy season would be over by the first week of January.   When I got home, I contacted the owner to verify.  It’s been a slow season for her and she is going to renovate the store after Christmas, so we will see once her renovations are completed, if she goes ahead and consigns them.


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