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I’ve been published on the web! December 27, 2008

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Here is an article I wrote several months ago, and now I have finally been published on the “web”.  Thank you Rena!


Beware of the Doghouse December 25, 2008

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I fell in love with the JC Penny, commerical, “Beware of the Doghouse” !  

Do you know of anyone that belongs in the doghouse?

Thank you for ordering from  “Precious Sadie’s” this season!

Enjoy this special Christmas day with loved ones, and reflect on the precious gift of  the birth of the Savior.


Tie made out of wood? December 24, 2008

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Ties out of wood

Ties out of wood

Have you heard of such a thing of a tie made out of wood? Each year at my husband’s annual Christmas party out in Vancouver, there is a fellow that makes his own ties out of wood.  Each year, he doesn’t fail to wear one of his new creations, and we all ask to see it! This year, he is retiring, and out of the kindness of his heart, he created a tie for each fellow that he worked with, over a dozen ties, that took about 2 years to make! 

Wood tie is cut in pieces

Wood tie is cut in pieces

Each piece of wood is carved, and stained, drilled, has an elastic cord through each piece, as he cuts the wood horizonal.  It’s not just one hunk of wood, but each piece fits together nicely.  Somehow,  he was able to get the tie into each of their boxes, it was like a magic trick!

Tie in the box

Tie in the box


It’s in the Details December 23, 2008

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On Vacation in Maui, I wander into one of the  Hawaii’s finest  jewelry stores known as Na Hoku

I enjoyed looking at the details of this bracelet, athough, I have only seen it in 14K white gold. 
Na Hoku's Sea Life Bracelet

Na Hoku's Sea Life Bracelet

Isn’t it amazing to see each of the sea life creatures, and that these could all fit on your wrist!   What I love about this bracelet…is the clasp! Can you find it?  The clasp is the clam shell.  The price is $1499 US. 
In 2009, I’m going to focus on clasp details in my bracelets, I have seen a few kinds that I really like, and hopefully, I can keep it affordable for all to enjoy!

Teufel Rings December 22, 2008

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Considering on I am on the ring topic, and that I recently came back from Maui.  I thought I share something else , I saw in a jewelry store that I visited while I was there.  The Teufel brand of rings, who claim they are the original designers of the spinning ring since 1971.  Now, the family owned company is on their 2nd generation of ownership, and produced in California.  It is quite something to see under the glass case.   The rings are displayed in a way that they are tilted, and are constantly spinning.  It’s an optical illusion to the eye, that especially if viewing ones that have “Rings” it doesn’t even look like they are attached.  There are stainless steel ball bearings, that rotate, and create the illusion. Interesting, and I’m sure it makes quite a conversational piece!

Teufel Spinning Ring

Teufel Spinning Ring


“Chocolate Diamonds” Le Vian December 21, 2008

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During one of my recent “mystery shopping”  experiences. I was introduced to something new and intriguing at a Jewelry store.   I do mystery shopping from time to time, I like being an active participant… I am helping the client improve their businesses, plus it gives me added insight for my own.


Why is it that I have a taste for expensive items, but thank goodness, I’m not a big spender!!  I was introduced to Le Vian , … a chocolate diamonds and rose colour gold ring !  OOHHHHHH LALA!!  It only cost just over   $10,000.

Le Vian is a company that has created the jewelry for Mrs America and even Mrs. World, and  the ruby and diamond tiara for the Fiesta Bowl Queen.   The family name dates back to Persia, with ancestory lines from the “Levi” tribe, of ancient Israel.  Amazing pictures  that date through the centuries show even a turquoise elephant.  I would love to read more about the one of a kind children’s design contest that was offered this past summer, and to hear of the winner!  

Chocolate diamonds is a trademark of the Le Vian brand since the year 2000.  Diamonds do come in other colours, such as brown, but they weren’t as valued as much, as diamonds were traditionally valued on their cut, clarity, and the colour (clear or colourless) or in a rare colour such as pink or blue.   Le Vian, have selected the rich dark chocolate diamonds for their marketing purposes.   Those that are rich and famous, have come to know that Le Vian is the a producer of  a high quality “Chocolate diamonds”.    Which kind of chocolate do you prefer? White (Colourless diamonds)  or Dark (chocolate diamonds)?

Even the 2 Million Tanzanite shoe, really doesn’t do it for me…there isn’t any Australian opal on it!


Ruby (Pear Cut) and Diamonds December 20, 2008

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Today, I was reading on another blog, how you should be wearing a ruby (pear cut) ring, even if it is an imitation, just like Victoria Beckman.  Well, I wear one everyday! It’s my engagement ring.   When I was young, my dad always encouraged me to look for something that was non traditional.  Not the regular diamonds, like everyone else.   I fell in love with this ring, and during my lunch hours in the mall where I worked at, I would hop on down to see this ring at the jewelry store.  One day, my soon to be husband, told me to stop going to the store.  I kept my promise, but sent my good friend, to see if it was still there, and she told me it wasn’t!!  I was then presented on bended knee with it on Dec 31, New Year’s Eve, almost 17 years ago!  I love it and I still love my presenter!   Interesting fact, my great grandmother wedding ring, was ruby with pearls!  

Ruby and diamonds

Ruby and diamonds

A few years ago, I lost the ruby out of it!! Several days later, while on the phone, telling my sad sob story of how I lost the ruby, and my friend had lost her sapphire…I all of the sudden found it on my kitchen floor right under the curve part of my table leg (it looked like a grape seed!).  What a miracle !!   I also this year lost, one of the diamonds, and got it replaced.

I love the different cuts of diamonds too, that are in this ring.  I went with a plain band, that is now soldered to the ring.    I though, have always wondered if I wear it right.  When I look at the ring, the pear shaped of the ruby is pointing down (this is the way I saw it in the store), for others if they were looking at it, it would hang down like a pear.  The good news, there really isn’t a wrong or a right way, whichever way you prefer to have it on you, is the right way!! Yeah! Here is your view, but mine is the picture above!