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Belts November 13, 2008

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For those of you that haven’t heard…. I am now doing one of a kind belt buckles!


I am offering a great price on a top notch product that goes with them or with out!

The Belts!! Great for Men & Women!


The belts are made in the USA, and have 8-10 oz of leather in them, making the belt to have the ability to last a long time!   Most snap belts do not include a loop, I will have loops on these belts!   The great thing about these kind of  belts is that it allows you to have more than one buckle.  You are getting not just one belt, but more than one as you interchange the buckle!  How cool is that!! Perfect to wear with a pair of Jeans, and perhaps you may want to keep in mind of getting a custom buckle made for stampede!  Yahoo!!


The cost for this belt is $40, a great quality and affordable product.   

I am doing a pre-order of belts, and would like to finalize my order by Saturday Nov 15, 2008, by midnight.


Let’s go over the facts!


The easy to use SNAPS, make the buckle easy to snap off and on, so you can change the belt buckle!    


The belt has 5 holes in it, and can either go up or down one size.   If you are a 36 inch waist, the belt could go up to a 38” inch waist for after that yummy Christmas dinner, or it could go down to a 34” waist once the New Year’s Resolution hits!!  The standard size, is usually one size bigger than your current pant size, unless you want to wear it lower on your hips, then you should  go up two sizes.


The belts sizes start at 28”, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, every 2 inches, up to 60”.   


The choice of either a brass or chrome belt buckle.   


If you would like to order  two belts at this time, I will give you a bit of deal, 2 belts for $75!   They don’t have to be the same size or colour.  If you are interested in this great product, please email me, and I will send an invoice for you.  Payment choices: cash, local cheque, visa, or even paypal.


At this time,  I will be offering  2 choices of colours:




textured chocolate. 


Please feel free to tell others! Thank you, Christina


2 Responses to “Belts”

  1. Jacqueline Says:

    Dear Christina, Erica wants a belt that will support a rodeo belt buckle – so it must be fairly sturdy. Also, so your belts come with the buckle or are they just the leather? Any pictures of the textured chocolate? I think your blog is cute, btw.

  2. Thanks Jacqueline for stopping by! These belts are sturdy since they are made with 8-10 oz leather. The belts do come with a buckle, but not mine “one a kind” buckles, those need to be purchased separately. You can exchange the buckle for a different look, such as Erica’s rodeo buckle. Yahoo, cowgirl!

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