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The Relationship with our Jewels November 4, 2008

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One of my fondest memories as a child, was being in my grandmother’s room, playing with her costume jewelry.  As I grew older, I had forgotten her sense of style, and didn’t really realize until after her death, how much she loved jewelry, until each grandchild was willed a piece of her jewelry or some money to buy some jewelry in honor of her.

Being the oldest granddaughter (by only a few weeks) I was given her wedding rings, with the pleasure that I could do what I wanted with them.     I have left them as they are.  Why? Because, it’s an emotional attachment to remember the set when she wore them.   Most of us, I think have an emotional attachment to our jewels.  Last year, I sold a typewriter bracelet, that had the “Shift Freedom” key on it.  The buyer, was drawn to this bracelet because of this key! She recently became divorce, and because of this specific key, she was reminded of her new sense of freedom!

Most of us, have some type of emotional relationship with our jewellery, and therefore have a specific favourite piece that we like best.  For some it is our wedding sets, another it is the style of the earrings and how they make us feel, and for another it may be a simple bracelet. 

When I was about 20, I bought a sterling silver “CTR” ring.  CTR, stands for “Choose the Right”, I wear this on my right pinky finger.  The CTR now is barely noticeable, but for me it stood for a inner strength that I could rely on, if I ever needed a bit more courage to do the right thing.

Would love to hear your comments about your relationship with your jewels!


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