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The Love of Semi Precious Jewels October 22, 2008

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Ever since I was a young child, I was always encouraged by my father, to have a different wedding ring, than the traditional diamond ring.   My great grandmother’s ring was ruby and pearls, but I really didn’t know that until after I picked out my engagement ring.  My engagement ring has a pear shape ruby in the middle with 2 diamonds baguettes on with either side, and then surrounded by 8 diamond rounds.   I once lost the ruby out of it, and actually found itt several days later!! How I love this ring and really hope to hang on tight to it, so when i die, I can take it with me!!

When I travelled to St. Thomas, around 10 years ago, I haggled the store clerks, for my love of the tanzanite (I like the dark purple)  with the Australian or black opal, stunning!! I didn’t buy any rings, that day, they were out of my price range with the dollar being too low.

Over the past few years, I have fallen in love with other semi precious gemstones that I never knew until I started making jewelry.  One of these is Kyanite.   Common to get in Brazil.  This mineral is difficult to cut and can’t be made in consistent bigger pieces, as it will break.  

Another one is Rhodocrosite! Commonly found in Argentina, but recently (2002) some of the best pieces have been found in Colorado, USA, too.  It is very difficult to cut, and varies in shades of pink to red, with colour variations of grey and black.  To buy a strand of rhodocrosite, it is costly, and so my prices for these piece will vary over $100!


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