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How does your Garden grow? October 6, 2008

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Flower Clips

Flower Clips

This past week, my focus has been on an assortment of flowers that I make into flower clips.  I found a great online store that has all shade of colours and kinds!    A month ago, I did 50 clips (but have sold out on many) and this week, I have done another 60 and counting!  Last night, my daughter and her friend, wanted to help, so I put them on as “inspectors” making sure everything was just right! I feel like I’m on assembly line, and can almost relate to Lucy Ball.

My favourite fresh flowers, are the unexpected bouquet of roses from my husband.  They come when it’s not a traditional holiday, when they are not over priced, on traditional holidays I get a nice variety of flower bouquets!  Flowers are love’s truest language.Park Benjamin 

The first sign of Spring, tulips.  In the beginning of Summer, peonies. Advice from a friend… Just remember to shake out the ants, before taking them to anyone!   In the month of August, I love seeing Sweet Peas come to bloom, and their distinct fragance. Lilacs…I’m allergic, too!   I love the look of hydrangeas!   Ahhh…The remembrance of tiger lilies in my wedding bouquet.  The fun of daises that are dyed!

My favourite silk flowers that I make into clips are gerbers, wild roses, ranunculus, and peonies. 

Since Thanksgiving is coming, I love the reminder of this story and how this person has made it her own tradition to get her own Thanksgiving Special “Thankful for the Thorns“.


2 Responses to “How does your Garden grow?”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    Would you be willing to share where you got your flowers from? I am starting my own business doing flowers for weddings and am looking for some leads as to where to start out.

  2. Hi Cynthia,
    I am not willing to share where I got my flowers from, as there are a lot of factors that I have to consider which might not help you. ie..type of flowers available, where they ship from, exchange rates and duty fees. There are plenty of wonderful opportunities out there with the internet as a resource. May you find through your research what you looking for! All you need is your business license, and it opens the doors for wholesale opportunities! Good luck on your research, and may your new business prosper!!

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