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Wedding Jewelry September 23, 2008

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Swarovski Crystal Cubes

Swarovski Crystal Cubes

I hadn’t really ever considered doing wedding pieces, until I had a phone call, encouraging me to meet with an owner of a local bridal store, the next day! I had one day to prepare with what I had on hand. My mom and a friend came over to organize my bead mess that night, and to help me find some creativity.

The next day, I had my meeting and brought several pieces that were pink, as I had no wedding colours. I took a look around at what styles were being offered in this “Beautiful Bride” store. They agreed that they would buy one necklace and earrings set from me. Now, of course, I came out of the store with two ideas, not just one. I decided from that day on, that I was doing wedding jewelry; in order for me to keep my costs low and make profit, I had to buy in bigger quantities! I fell in love with Swarovski round and cube crystals, went back to the store and sold two necklace and earrings sets, that I had envisioned and created! Thank you to the owners who gave me the confidence to go forth!


Though word of mouth, I have done many more weddings for brides, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and it has been delightful! I cut out the middleman, to pass on the savings to you!           


One Response to “Wedding Jewelry”

  1. Edith Says:

    Yeah!! Love all these crystal designs of jewelry

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