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Free Give Away! September 16, 2008

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Kyanite and Aquamarine Bracelet

Kyanite and Aquamarine Bracelet

Here is one of my favourite bracelets that I have created, I will make one very similiar to the winner of this give away!  How do you get an entry for this giove away?  You must write to my email through the Contact on my website or in your comments and answer a few questions for me!  Give Away closes Oct 15, 2008.  Anyone can enter, and if you refer a friend to the site (and let your friend know to put your name in her email) then I’ll give you an additional entry .  The bracelet will be mailed out to you, unless I can hand delivered it!  

Can you please respond to this quick survey for me:


How did you hear about Precious Sadies?


What is the are some of your important factors when purchasing jewelry, put in order from 1-5, with  1 being the most important:


  A.     Price

  B.     Style

  C.     Quality

        D.    Location

        E.    Uniqueness

        F.    Knowing what type of products are used.


If you have children, do you match them up with certain clothing lines, such as gap, Gymboree, children’s place, if so which ones:


What is your favourite piece of jewelry:


Where do you like to buy jewelry:


How much do you spend on jewelry:


What colours do you wear the most:


I know this can be a little personal, but, I really won’t tell anyone… what size of waist do you have?


The bracelet features: Kyanite and Aquamarine, and even some Bali Silver.  I can put a toggle or a lobster clasp on for you.  It retails for $25  Kyanite is the rectangle stone which is blue/green, and is imported from Brazil.  It is a blue silicate mineral that can be found in sedimentary rock.  It is used primarily in ceramic products such as plumbing fixtures and dinnerware.  Mohs scale 4.5-5.

Aquamarine is the squares, also imported from Brazil.  It is the known as the  “water of the sea” because of the colour. It is known as a mineral “beryl” and is closely related to the emerald.  Mohs hardness 7.5-8

Glass beads made in the Czech Republic, and Bali Silver which comes from Bali accent this bracelet.




6 Responses to “Free Give Away!”

  1. renee Says:

    I heard about Precious Sadie’s through you (at a craft sale)

    1 Style
    2 Quality & Knowing what type of products are used.
    3 Price
    4 Uniqueness
    5 Location
    my favorite jewelry is a toss up between an amber bracelet and a silver and onyx bracelet but i love necklaces and earings!
    I look for jewelry whereever I shop
    Usually if I buy for myself I like to be able to get a set for under $60
    I wear lots of greens and blues
    32″ 😦

  2. precioussadies Says:

    Thanks Renee,
    It’s amazing how each artist, and even “art teacher” inspires me!! Thank you for your comments, and a 32″ inch waist, would be ideal if it was mine!

  3. B Says:

    I heard about Precious Sadie’s through YOU. Before it was even a business.

    Price (cause even if I love it and it’s too $$$$ it ain’t coming home)
    Products Used

    I have children but I don’t match their clothes, or accessories.

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a simple and plain pewter C-shaped bracelet that I’ve had for years and wear almost all the time.

    I like to go into those little nifty stores that sell handmade things or things imported from neat places. That’s where I usually find jewelry I like.

    How much do I spend on jewelry? Uhhh. I don’t know that I actually have an answer for that.

    I wear browns mostly.

    I don’t even know my waist size…uh…

  4. precioussadies Says:

    Thanks B, for supporting me in my early “non-business” days, also those times when you came to rescue me from drowning in my beads by helping to organize them all for me!
    Thank you for your continue support!

  5. Claudine Says:

    I heard about you from B ( Simply B’s blog).

    1. Uniqueness
    2. Price
    3. Style
    4. Quality
    5. Products used

    I do have 1 child and I dress him in either Gap, H&M or Old Navy. I’m a sucker for matching him and making him look super duper cute/handsome. He’s not ig on accessorizing…but I think that’s a good thing..since he’s a boy.

    My favorite piece of jewellery is my thumb ring that looks like a bandaid. It’s thick and awesome.

    There’s a tiny little store in the Halifax Farmers market called Serendipitous that sells the most beautiful jewellery. I usually shop for my accessories there when I’m in town.

    I spend $35 and up depending on the piece.

    I wear black, white, brown, pink and aquamarine usually.

    My waist size (I’m hoping) is a 34. I’m working on it though!!

  6. precioussadies Says:

    Hi Claudine,
    Thank you for coming through B’s blog, to fill out my survey! I appreciate you stopping by and taking a look, you have been entered into the draw for the bracelet, plus have earned B, an extra entry for the contest too. If anyone, comes by from your recommendation, then you will also gain an extra entry!


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