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First Creation September 16, 2008

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The first thing that I created were children bracelets. I tested out my “true” friends, that gave me honest opinions of what they thought.  I did a lot of research to find out sizing and safety factors. For most jewelry, it is only secured once on either end. For children’s jewelry and any heavy semi precious stones, I always double secure it! I factor in a special piece that acts as a weak point, as long as it is worn properly, if the piece were to get caught, it should break away, without all the beads going in many directions! Over 80 custom creations and counting, so far!




Victoria's Pearls

  My first bracelet was sold to Leslie for her daughter  “Victoria”.  This above picture, is her 2nd bracelet, that compliments the first one that was created.   I resized her first one, when I created her second one, and Victoria wears both bracelets at the same time. 

Victoria 1st and 2nd
Victoria 1st and 2nd

“Hi Christina  – just now had a chance to take a close look at the bracelet!  It is gorgeous!!”  –Leslie





Include matching extender chain, choice of any colour combination of Swarovski Crystals, Pearls, Czech Glass, Cats Eye Grade A, Sterling Silver or Vermeil Findings. Additional Sterling Silver letters are $3 each or $4 for the heart letters. Each bracelet is custom named for the wearer, and includes custom insert in the organza bag.


Boys: Come in a jean bag, with no extender chain, that just is not cool! I use semi precious stones for the boys bracelet. 


Additional Letters $3 each, Charms $5, or more, if custom charms are ordered.

Age 0-2, include 1 sterling silver letter, in the middle of the bracelet. $25
Age 2+ , include 1 sterling silver letter, choice of heart or square letter in the middle of the bracelet or on the extender chain. $30


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