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Wedding Jewelry September 23, 2008

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Swarovski Crystal Cubes

Swarovski Crystal Cubes

I hadn’t really ever considered doing wedding pieces, until I had a phone call, encouraging me to meet with an owner of a local bridal store, the next day! I had one day to prepare with what I had on hand. My mom and a friend came over to organize my bead mess that night, and to help me find some creativity.

The next day, I had my meeting and brought several pieces that were pink, as I had no wedding colours. I took a look around at what styles were being offered in this “Beautiful Bride” store. They agreed that they would buy one necklace and earrings set from me. Now, of course, I came out of the store with two ideas, not just one. I decided from that day on, that I was doing wedding jewelry; in order for me to keep my costs low and make profit, I had to buy in bigger quantities! I fell in love with Swarovski round and cube crystals, went back to the store and sold two necklace and earrings sets, that I had envisioned and created! Thank you to the owners who gave me the confidence to go forth!


Though word of mouth, I have done many more weddings for brides, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and it has been delightful! I cut out the middleman, to pass on the savings to you!           


Free Give Away! September 16, 2008

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Kyanite and Aquamarine Bracelet

Kyanite and Aquamarine Bracelet

Here is one of my favourite bracelets that I have created, I will make one very similiar to the winner of this give away!  How do you get an entry for this giove away?  You must write to my email through the Contact on my website or in your comments and answer a few questions for me!  Give Away closes Oct 15, 2008.  Anyone can enter, and if you refer a friend to the site (and let your friend know to put your name in her email) then I’ll give you an additional entry .  The bracelet will be mailed out to you, unless I can hand delivered it!  

Can you please respond to this quick survey for me:


How did you hear about Precious Sadies?


What is the are some of your important factors when purchasing jewelry, put in order from 1-5, with  1 being the most important:


  A.     Price

  B.     Style

  C.     Quality

        D.    Location

        E.    Uniqueness

        F.    Knowing what type of products are used.


If you have children, do you match them up with certain clothing lines, such as gap, Gymboree, children’s place, if so which ones:


What is your favourite piece of jewelry:


Where do you like to buy jewelry:


How much do you spend on jewelry:


What colours do you wear the most:


I know this can be a little personal, but, I really won’t tell anyone… what size of waist do you have?


The bracelet features: Kyanite and Aquamarine, and even some Bali Silver.  I can put a toggle or a lobster clasp on for you.  It retails for $25  Kyanite is the rectangle stone which is blue/green, and is imported from Brazil.  It is a blue silicate mineral that can be found in sedimentary rock.  It is used primarily in ceramic products such as plumbing fixtures and dinnerware.  Mohs scale 4.5-5.

Aquamarine is the squares, also imported from Brazil.  It is the known as the  “water of the sea” because of the colour. It is known as a mineral “beryl” and is closely related to the emerald.  Mohs hardness 7.5-8

Glass beads made in the Czech Republic, and Bali Silver which comes from Bali accent this bracelet.




First Creation

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The first thing that I created were children bracelets. I tested out my “true” friends, that gave me honest opinions of what they thought.  I did a lot of research to find out sizing and safety factors. For most jewelry, it is only secured once on either end. For children’s jewelry and any heavy semi precious stones, I always double secure it! I factor in a special piece that acts as a weak point, as long as it is worn properly, if the piece were to get caught, it should break away, without all the beads going in many directions! Over 80 custom creations and counting, so far!




Victoria's Pearls

  My first bracelet was sold to Leslie for her daughter  “Victoria”.  This above picture, is her 2nd bracelet, that compliments the first one that was created.   I resized her first one, when I created her second one, and Victoria wears both bracelets at the same time. 

Victoria 1st and 2nd
Victoria 1st and 2nd

“Hi Christina  – just now had a chance to take a close look at the bracelet!  It is gorgeous!!”  –Leslie





Include matching extender chain, choice of any colour combination of Swarovski Crystals, Pearls, Czech Glass, Cats Eye Grade A, Sterling Silver or Vermeil Findings. Additional Sterling Silver letters are $3 each or $4 for the heart letters. Each bracelet is custom named for the wearer, and includes custom insert in the organza bag.


Boys: Come in a jean bag, with no extender chain, that just is not cool! I use semi precious stones for the boys bracelet. 


Additional Letters $3 each, Charms $5, or more, if custom charms are ordered.

Age 0-2, include 1 sterling silver letter, in the middle of the bracelet. $25
Age 2+ , include 1 sterling silver letter, choice of heart or square letter in the middle of the bracelet or on the extender chain. $30


Swarovski Crystals and Pearls September 10, 2008

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Swarovski (‘Swore Off Ski’) Crystals and Pearls are made in Austria. A privately family owned business since 1895 by Daniel Swarovski and developed throughout the years by his three sons.It is renowned worldwide for manufacturing crystal products of precision, in different shapes, forms, and sizes, that represent the best in cut, clarity, and brillance!!
The symbol of the Swan represents Swarovski. Most famous for chandeliers, binoculars, sunglasses, figurines and collectables, jewelry, facuets, knobs for doors and cabinets, key chains, clocks, paper weights, and even perfume bottles!

I love working with these crystals and pearls! Some crystals like the alexandrite appears in different colours depending which light is in under. Sunlight and incandescent light it turns violet, under fluorescent it is blue. Another one is Cantelope, that can change from a peach to a light green.


The Pearls have a crystal core, and are made with layers of mother of pearl. They feel heavy like real pearls, are resistant to fading, scratching, uv light, perfume and perspiration. I love the consistency of each pearl, and the colour varieties of both pearls and crystals! Interested in making a Swarovski Pearl Necklace or Bracelet? I have many colours to choose from!Colour of Pearls:
Black Pearl, Bright Gold Pearl, Bronze Pearl, Brown Pearl, Burgundy Pearl, Copper Pearl, Cream Pearl, Creamrose Light Pearl, Creamrose Pearl, Dark Green Pearl, Dark Grey Pearl, Dark Purple Pearl, Gold Pearl, Light Blue Pearl, Light Green Pearl, Light Grey Pearl, Maroon Pearl, Mauve Pearl , Mystic Black Pearl, Night Blue Pearl ,Peach Pearl, Powder Almond Pearl, Powder Rose Pearl, Rosaline Pearl,Tahitian-look Pearl, and White Pearl. Currently, I carry all, but Powder Rose and Burgundy, in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm.

Here is a picture of a custom bridal necklace, I recently did. The inner strand remained untouch (as it was previously stranded professionally). I was asked to use her grandmother’s pearls, and the bride has peach in her dress, so she wanted to include peach pearls in the necklace and make it victorian like. The bride, the mother of the bride, and myself are very pleased how it turned out!