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Award Winning Cross Stitch Designs to Beading July 8, 2008

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I fondly remember my Grandmother making her “Follow the Lines” stitchery calendar that she would pick up on our vacations to Florida. It had brillant 70’s coloured sequins and usually flowers, or fruit. When I was eleven, I could not “Follow the Lines” on my expected project to stitch a simple verse, as I was all thumbs.I didn’t really appreciate, my grandmother’s hobby, until after her death, when I was willed one of her stitchery projects. It took me some time, to realize that it was a “Follow the Lines” kit!I come from a creative family. My mother is very good at sewing, knitting, petty point, cross-stitch, and is a great cook, too. My father created art for point of sale displays, and at one time he actually hand made and design the decals for advertizing on a car! He hates how computers have taken away what he could do with his hands. He has beautiful calligraphy!As a teen, I remember receiving lots of kits from relatives to encourage my hands to work in harmony. I did my share of rug hooking kits, which I did enjoy.  It wasn’t until I was about 19 that I discovered that I really could cross-stitch, by having one hand on top of the cloth, and the other underneath.
In the 90’s, I decided to enter the Calgary Stampede and Exhibition. I followed a pattern (without lines!) and made a carousel horse, with 3-D tassles. No rewards or ribbon. Then, I discovered, that if you entered original designs, you had a better chance in winning. So, I set out to create an original. I did a lot of History of Alberta (as I’m not originally from Alberta). A friend, Tole painted the Alberta for me, and unfortunately, my mother lost her beautiful wild rose flower for me to put in my shadow box picture frame.
I won a 3rd ribbon that year, creating an A-Z sampler of Alberta, and the mountains that I made happen to all be freehand! Barb K, wrote to me after the competition, “I think your Alberta Alphabet that is displayed at Stampede is a delightful piece of work. A very original idea and beautifully executed. Had I been judging – a red ribbon at least. Very refreshing -among all the predictable counted cross-stitch pieces. I spent a long time looking at it. Thank you for sharing your creation with us.”

The following year, I did an original A-Z sampler about school, and framed it in such a way, that if someone had 3 children, they could interchange the pictures each year. It also won a 3rd ribbon.  I have 4 children, so I don’t use it.  I really should sell it to someone.  If your interested, I will post a picture.

Next time, I entered an original blanket, that I made of Snowmen showing the different seasons and embellished with beads and buttons. I received an honorable mention!  I sold  this original blanket on Ebay, but do have patterns of it in my files. 

I then realized that there were contests out in magazines, that I could actually win money for! My addiction continued. The magazine contests were more affordable, as I switched to small projects, without having pieces to be framed!

My first magazine I entered, was “Crafting Traditions” and made a scarecrow with a verse, and even sewed some fabric around it into a small wall hanging or hot pad. I won, 3rd place and $200 US!

Next, I discovered “Leisure Arts: For the Love of Cross-stitch”. They held 2 contests each year, I would stitch like mad, to get as many entries in to increase my chances of winning. I also would get tennis elbow, and I still do when I bead too much!!

I was very successful and won many more contests (2nd places, 3rd places) plus had designs bought from me, and then one day, I just put it away. I do still have a few unfinished designs! Perhaps, I will one day go back and finish a leaflet of baby bibs and my Christmas Sampler.

Published in these magazines:
Crafting Traditions: July/Aug 1997 “Scarecrow Sampler” 3rd
Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” June 1997 “Star Seeking” stocking
Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” Nov 1997 “Love is the Key Bookmark 2nd
Leisure Arts: August 1998, purchased 5 designs for vinylweave magnets & 3rd place
Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” Nov 1998 “O Holy Night” fingertip towel
Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” Dec 1999 offer to buy to jar lids, “Cranberries, and Candy cane seeds”
Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” Nov 1999 “USA 2000” (3rd)
Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” Jan 2000 “USA 2000” pattern
Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” May 2001 “Gems & Jewels” sachet (3rd)
Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” June 2002 “Made in the USA” bib Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” Nov 2002 “Take me out to the ballgame”

In the Fall of 2003, I was introduced to beading! I had a quick demonstration of the very basics. I then combined my love of the alphabet, volumes of research, creativity, many experimental designs, and asking opinions from good friends. I started selling my jewelry March of 2004. In Jan-April of 2008, I increased my awareness, and took a silver smithing class, too.

Thank you family, for the creativity genes, I guess I do have some after all! I also have enjoyed taking all my own photos, and love desk top publishing. I can’t wait to share my designs with you and what I have learned! The possibilities are endless!


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  1. Paula Says:

    Beautiful piece and increadable family story. Keep up the good job


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